David had the dream life. Good education, suit and tie job in the corporate world, an apartment with a view Downtown LA
His life collapses when he loses this job, can’t find any other work, and can’t pay his rent. Depressed and hung over after a night of pills and drinking, David wakes up in a dirty back alley. A homeless man starts talking with him. David doesn’t care to listen, but the old man seems to know a lot about life, and strangely, about him. He makes David an offer: to “give it all up, in order to find it all over again”, in a very similar, but much better, parallel universe.
In this new world he meets the mysterious and beautiful Twotwo, a girl with a number for name, who likes artists and has unique powers she uses to help them.

cast & crew

Morgan Makana

as TwoTwo

Morgan is from Virginia, and she has two younger siblings, one sister and two brothers. She love photography, collaging, facts about animals, old post cards, Tums, stop motion animation, chocolate, fried eggs on pizza, and sometimes running. She hates Daylight Savings, rushing to eat, dirty snow, parallel parking, and killing bugs. She drinks 4 espressos a day. She has 2 rats and a dog.

Joel Ballard

as David

Joel Ballard grew up in small town Montana the youngest of 6 siblings and was a state level pole vaulter and sprinter. He went on to University graduating with honors from chemical engineering, doing ROTC, and fighting in mixed martial arts. Upon graduation he became a battery research scientist named on multiple patents. While working that 9-5 a deadly itch for adventure began festering. He moved into his car leaving stability behind, starting out exploring Oregon and ending up working as a cowboy in the Santa Monica Mountains. His two favorite horses were Taco Meat and Glue-stick, the owner called them something else.

Kenneth Best

as Joe

Mentored by Marta Beckett at a young age, Kenneth Best fell in love with the arts. His journey would include working as a radio personality, musician, gunfighter, stunt performer and teaching Theatre Arts. With Kenneth’s experience as a writer, director, and instructor in theatre, he has a great understanding of character and story, and loves collaborating with filmmakers to best capture their vision. After a short hiatus, Kenneth, now 61, has returned to his craft and is enjoying performing in character roles in indie films.

Christian Joel

as Victor

Christian Joel is an actor, director and musician. He grew up in Florida, then moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting and music career. He studied drama at the Ivana Chubbuke Studios for 4 years. He also writes lyrics and writes screenplays.

P.K. Simone

as Roy

P.K. Simone is from West Hartford, CT. He grew up in the Hartford Ballet Co. where his mother and father danced and his father went on to become the Executive Director. He has been performing on stage since the age of 7. P.K. is a concert pianist performing since the age of 5. He was inspired by comedians from an early age, Monty Python, Mel Brooks and later on Robin Williams and Jim Carrey. He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and began to find work on set and hasn’t looked back.

Sumayyah Ameerah

as Eighty

Sumayyah Ameerah, the eldest of four, has always reached for the stars. Since the early age of 2, she expressed a deep desire for acting and wasn’t quiet about it. She had a very sporty upbringing, running track since the age of 7, and participating in select cheerleading and volleyball for a decade. Today she actively practices archery, computer coding, and is the owner of her own business, seeing her dreams turn into reality. Her previous acting credits include action/triller “Hunt Club”, and horror film “Confined”.

Jeff McDonald

as 102 Bad Guy 1

Jeff McDonald is an actor and director for thought-provoking & challenging genre films (martial arts, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror). He’s known for the features Chinese Speaking Vampires, Slant Streets, Night Mistress and Tales From Beyond, as well as director for the web series Heart of the Dragon (with Shin Koyamada) and the martial arts/fantasy short Dream of the Lizard. His past projects include roles in Staycation, Mademoiselle Sin, the horror feature Jo, the main antagonist in the psychological horror feature Head Like a Hole, and a lead role in the new Oxygen series The First Mindhunter! He has an MFA in Theater Directing from UC-Irvine and has directed 30+ theatrical productions including The Master Builder, and adaptations of King Lear and Julius Caesar.

Written and Directed by JUN HOSKULDS produced by JUN HOSKULDS & S. HUSKY HOSKULDS
cinematography LISA STOLL Visual effects supervisor MARK LARRGANA